Road Sawing Petrol
To a depth of 625mm
Road Sawing Diesel
To a depth of 350mm (Silent Cutting can be done)
Road Sawing LPG
To a depth of 375mm
Electric Three Phase Road Saw
300mm Fume free
Diamond Core Drilling
Up to 1000 mm Diameter
Inverted Core Drilling also
Hand Sawing Petrol
To a Depth of 150mm
Push Saw
To a Depth of 200mm
Ring Sawing Hand Held Cutting
To a depth of 260mm
Chain Sawing
To a depth of 450mm
Wall Saw
Diesel, Hydraulic or 3 phase Electric/Hydraulic (Electric power pac 3 Phase 32 amp) to a depth of 800mm
Safety Grooving, Safety Texturing, Drum Roll Concrete Planing
Floor Grinding
Disc type for high spots 250mm diameter
Joint Sealing
Using Dow Corning 888 (RTA approved)
Plus NSW distributor for Dow Corning 888 Silicone
Water Vacuum
If required 25 & 200 ltr jumbo size - Slurry Cart for large jobs
Available if required
Water Tankers with Pump/Water tanks gravity fed
Please note Supercut use environmentally friendly silt retaining bags